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Outer Realms, David R. Peoples; River of No Return, Matthew R Durrant; The Sword and the Lute, Alan Goldspiel; Music Box Study #3 (RB), Stephen Montalvo; Sonatina for oboe and piano, Mark Francis; Combustible Corridor II, David R. Peoples; Fey-led, Nikki Krumwiede; Marduk & the Dragon of Chaos, Craig Peaslee; Harmony 58, Dinah Bianchi; Somewhere Within: a meditation, David Klock; Glaciers, Brian Field; Optimistic Piano Echoes, Tanner M. Peoples; En Medio: A Border Soundscape, Jean-Paul Perrotte; Storm of Voices, Dallin R. Peoples; Further Down the Old Park Road, Garrison Gerard; Treacherous Tepuy, Ian Evans Guthrie; Ring, Resonate, Resound, Leah Reid; Winter 2020, Paul A. Oehlers; Dialog #4 for Euphonium & Tuba, Joe L. Alexander; Veglia II (acoUSmAtic version), Alessio Rossato; Moments from Santa Fe Trail Echoes for Solo Violoncello, Greg A Steinke; Jorge Peixinho - In Memoriam, Pedro Lopes Baptista; Between Walls, Lori Ardovino; The Defiant Poet: Elegy in Memory of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Noam Faingold; Loretto Alfresco, Robert Fleisher; Glacier Blue: III. Water, Christina Rusnak; high ceilings, James Devor; Columbus MS - Cicadas, Richard Montalto; Where Shall I Find a White Rose, Dawn Sonntag; Journey Along the Grand Canal, mov. 2, Paul Dice; Morneaumix: my husband, Mike McFerron; For Dancer and Projection, Willyn Whiting; Shadow Tree, John G Bilotta; Vibes, Betty R. Wishart; Antiphonal Music, Ken Davies; For Maria, Melissa D'Albora; ‘pƐ-rI-qƆrt, Ryne Siesky; Preludes for the Left Hand, Hannah Heaton Adhikari; Colloquy, Eric Davis; A Memory of Tomorrow, William Price; another of, Michael Boyd; Space Dock, David R. Peoples

Interview with Danielle Kuntz, New Music Harpist 

October 2022

Electrophonic Concerts LLC presents an interview with Danielle Kuntz

New Music Show - Concerts in the Woods Preview

September 2022

Electrophonic Concerts LLC presents new music from Megan Ihnen's Currents of Time released by Navona Records

New Music Show - Concerts in the Woods Preview

July and August 2022

Electrophonic Concerts LLC presents new music of Mel Mobley, Ethan Wickman, and Daniel de Togni